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February 18, 2012   •   Filed in April's Life

UK Adventure: Cambridge

was going to combine the last two parts of the trip into one post, but then I realized that Cambridge really deserved it's own post because it was my favorite place to take photos this go around. Chelsey and I forced ourselves to wake up early to hop a train bound for Cambridge. The plan was to meet up with a bicycle guide in the center of Parker's Piece, but after waiting around for about half and hour we realized that he wasn't going to show up. So we headed back to the train station (after grabbing a bite to eat and some coffee) and decided we'd go on our own self guided bike tour of Cambridge. After narrowly being missed by cars we eventually made it off of the main roads and headed out to the countryside in search of the Orchard Tea Garden where all summer leading up to this trip I'd had visions of us reading and relaxing under the trees while sipping delicious tea and gobbling up scones with clotted cream. Of course, we managed to get lost on the way, but that's part of the fun. We fulfilled most of the tea and scones fantasy (see the photo below), but it was POURING by the time we reached the tea house and we ended up chilling indoors for a couple of hours. Being Coloradoans we naively thought "No big deal, we'll just wait out the rain for a little while. Surely it will let up." 2 hours later with no end to the rain in sight, we realized that we might as well get back on the road and biked our little legs back into town to check out the beautiful university buildings. We looked like drenched rats, but I have to say that despite the fairly miserable weather this was still one of my favorite days on the whole trip. Riding around on bikes in the summer in a strange and beautiful place is my new favorite past-time. I need to get myself a bicycle here at home now.  
There are so many old churches and buildings there. I can't remember which one this is.
A Church in Cambridge UK  
Lovely Church Door in Cambridge UK  
Chelsey in front of a pretty church
Cambridge Tourist Cycling  
Window on a church in Cambridge UK  
A Cambridge bridge
Cambridge Bridge  
View from that same bridge
River View in Cambridge UK  
A detail of a bridge in Cambridge UK  
The Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary in Grantchester England
The Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary in Grantchester England  
Nom nom nom
Orchard Tea Garden Grantchester England  
On our way back from Grantchester
Brunette in the rain in the UK  
Chelsey getting soaked too
Field in England  
Bike ride in Cambridge  
Got a couple of long exposure water shots
Cambridge UK Water  
River Cam in Cambridge, UK  
View of the Granta Pub from Mill Pond in Cambridge
View of the Granta Pub from Mill Pond  
Punt Boat in Cambridge, UK  
More boats!
B&W Punting Boats in Cambridge, UK  
Just thought this scene was pretty:)
View of the Bella Italia Restaurant in Cambridge  
Near the Villa Italia Restaurant in Cambridge
Woman riding bike in Cambridge UK  
Got lots of cool shots of these cute boats
Punt Boats in Cambridge UK  
On a bridge over the River Cam
River Cam in Cambridge, UK  
Chelsey's turn
River Cam  
Bridge over the River Cam UK  
Me and my bike;)
Bike rider on the Cambridge River  
Prettier without us in the shot;)
View of a bridge over the river Cam in Cambridge, UK  
I think this is the Backs at King's College
Backs at King's Collage in Cambridge UK  
Another lovely view from a river bridge
River Cam in Cambridge UK  
A streetview in Cambridge, UK  
Haha...Chelsey if kind of awkward on a bike
Bike riding in Cambridge, UK  
I think this is the Great Gate at Trinity College
Trinity College Great Gate Cambridge, UK  
More Punt boats!
Docked Punt Boats in Cambridge UK  
Tourists enjoying the River Cam
Punt Boating in the UK  
Punting in Cambridge
Punting in Cambridge, UK  
It's all about the details people...just a pretty sidewalk in Cambridge:)
A gorgeous detailed sidewalk in Cambridge, UK  
My favorite photo taken on this entire trip:)
Blue and wood flat bottomed Punt Boat
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