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October 20, 2011   •   Filed in Engagements

Downtown Denver Riverfront Park and Millenium Bridge Autumn Engagement Session

recently met Molly for the first time at our consultation meeting just a few weeks ago and was struck by how easygoing and happy she is.  I was glad that she wanted to do her engagement photos with her fiancé, Jared, sooner rather than later since all the leaves are looking pretty fabulous these days.  These two live downtown so it made sense for them to get their engagement photos done in the Riverfront park/Millenium Bridge area.   It is a beautiful area, and being so close-by they spend a lot of time there (Lucky!)  
Molly & Jared,  
It was so much fun hanging out with you.  I can tell by how photogenic you are in this session that we are going to kill it on your wedding day!  Soon I'll be sharing the whole session with you, but for now I hope you enjoy this sneak peek:)  
- April  
See how awesome the leaves were? It couldn't be more of a picturesque autumn setting, and the perfect complement to my stunning subjects!
Colorado downtown wedding photographer  
Judging by those smiles I'm going to go out on limb and say we've got a match made in heaven here :-)
Colorado downtown wedding photographer  
(More proof!) So glad the weather cooperated, we got a bunch of great shots with lovely backgrounds.
Colorado downtown wedding photographer  
Always on the lookout for some cute detail shots.
Colorado downtown wedding photographer  
It's fun to mix in the smiling candids with some straight on steady gazes that pierce right through the camera. (Btw, I love scarves, and this outfit is delectable!)
Colorado downtown wedding photographer  
Iâ??ve been working on controlling focus and backlighting and this is one of those shots that came out just the way I wanted (thanks in large part to the attractive pair in the frame :) Jared & Molly: I had so much fun with this session, you two are a stellar couple. I canâ??t wait to capture your big day!
Colorado downtown wedding photography
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