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September 20, 2011   •   Filed in Families

Denver Colorado Family Photography at Wash Park

am aka Frak Attak and I have actually known each other for quite a long time now.  When we were both in our early 20's we hung around with the same art school kids frequenting the same parties and whatnot.  But that group of friends sort of dispersed throughout the States after college to make their way into real adult life and we lost touch with each other.  But she took up roller skating with the Castle Rockin Rollers from Castle Rock a couple years ago and then transferred over to Rocky Mountain so we are running around with the same circle again;)  Her mom wanted to get some updated family pictures done so we met up with the family at Wash Park on Sunday to take advantage of the beautiful flower gardens.  There are always a million and one people at Wash Park getting their outdoor activities on, but we somehow managed to keep them mostly out of their shots:)  These are just a handful of them.  
Holiday Family Pictures Denver Colorado  
Colorado Family Photographer  
Cabbage Patch Kids!
Colorado Family Photography  
The ladies in the family
Colorado Family Photographer  
Some Roses for the Roses
Denver CO Family Photographer  
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