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likes ~ the color green, books about sociology and historical fiction, & playing roller derby.

dislikes ~ wet socks, tomatoes, & getting up early!

ou want to know more about me as a photographer? Long story short, I graduated from Metro State in downtown Denver with an art degree (emphasis photography) in 2004 and immediately became a nanny. After less than a year I was itching to get out there and do something with my photographic skills and April O'Hare Photography was born in the Fall of 2005. I started with babies and families and pretty soon people started inquiring about weddings. I photographed my first wedding in 2006 and fell in love with all of the excitement, the traditions, & the happy families who hadn't seen each other in ages. In addition to loving cake, I am also a romantic at heart and it gives me much pleasure to photograph such an important day in someone's life.
Proud Member of the Professional Photographers Association
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