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December 14, 2017   •   Filed in Winter, Families

Colorado Family Photographer | City Park Denver Family Photos

he family featured on the journal today contacted me in hopes of getting some updated family photos created while they were visiting from Orlando, Florida. This family has lived in the Denver area for years but one of their daughters moved to Orlando to work for Disney and that's where she met her husband. They try to get back to Colorado every so often for a visit and that's exactly what they were doing this past week. They got to do some fun Christmas-themed activities together like going to the Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo and making some sugar cookies and decorating them. We were worried about the weather potentially being chilly for their session and started looking at some indoor back up locations just in case, but we got lucky with an unseasonably warm Colorado winter day in December. For my photography sessions I don't mind this nice weather, but I do hope that we get some good snow in time for Christmas!  
We ended up going with City Park which is right next door to the zoo for their photography session. About an hour before sunset, we started off near the yellow pavilion in the center of the park to get a little bit of color in their portraits (this time of year can sometimes be a little drab with no snow on the ground). And by the time the sun was getting low in the sky for sunset we moved along to the opposite side of Ferril Lake to capture that beautiful view of the lake, the downtown skyline (with the cash register building of course) and the mountains stacked up behind it. We had a lot of fun playing games and acting a little silly together which allowed us to capture some nice candid photos of the family at play as well as some nice smiling portraits of everyone looking at the camera. Check out a handful of my favorites below!  
An extended family photography session with matching black and white plaid shirts in front of the yellow pavilion at City Park in Denver Colorado
Denver Colorado Family Photography at City Park at Sunset with Yellow Pavilion Archway backdrop
A daughter and her mama pose for a photo with an arch backdrop at Denver City Park yellow pavilion
Mom and Dad hold hands and snuggle in front of a the yellow pavilion at City Park in Denver CO
Denver Colorado Family Photography with warm sunset light at City Park
Family portraits at Sunset with Denver Skyline mountain backdrop at City Park in Colorado
Colorado family photography with geese swimming in Ferril Lake backdrop with Denver City Skyline and mountains at Sunset
Pretty Denver Backdrop of Geese on Ferril Lake at City Park with Denver Skyline and mountain views at Sunset Family Photography
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December 13, 2017   •   Filed in Winter, Families, Babies

Colorado Mountain Family Portraits | White Ranch Park in Golden

Tis the Season for reconnecting with family and spending quality time together. That's just what we did at this family photography session with this sweet baby girl and her mommy and daddy and her grandparents. They opted to do the session at Grandma and Grandpa's house since they live where there are stunning mountain views near White Ranch Park up in the foothills of Golden, Colorado. When I arrived, I did a walk around their property to see what would look nice for their photos. I loved their beautiful mountain views but we had to wait for the sun to dip down a little lower for it to translate nicely on camera. We opted to use the plentiful pretty fir tree backdrops while we waited for the sun to light the mountain backdrop evenly at sunset.  
We worked our booties off trying to get a smile out of this little baby girl. We jangled car keys, made ridiculous noises and flapped our arms around trying to get her attention. And we even played La Bamba over the speakers and I tried to sing The Wheels on the Bus despite my terrible singing voice. She definitely gave us some good ones to work with as you can see below. But, my favorite has to be that hilarious look on her face when I asked her mom and dad to give each other a quick smooch while they hugged her. I can almost hear her thinking "You've got to be kidding me!" when I look at that photo.  
I love that photography sessions with families are changing and it's no longer just sitting there grinning at the camera the entire time. Now we play games together and ask silly questions all to get some natural smiles out of everyone. I don't even make everyone look at the camera for every single shot anymore. I think it makes for a much more dynamic experience and is actually pretty fun. Check out the adorable family photos we were able to get during this incredibly nice December weather!  
A smiling happy family photo with evergreen trees in the Colorado Mountains on a warm December day
Adorable baby girl B&W photo with her mom and dad outdoors on a warm December day in the Colorado mountains
Funny cute family portrait of mom and dad kissing while baby gives a face in the Colorado mountains
Sweet baby smile at an outdoor family photography session in the mountains of Colorado
Baby looks up at grandma and grandpa during their family photography session in the Colorado mountains of Golden
Mountain backdrop in Golden Colorado Family photos during December
Family portraits on a warm December day in Colorado with a pretty mountain backdrop at sunset
Sunset Family Photos with Mountain Backdrop near White Ranch Park in Golden Colorado
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November 25, 2017   •   Filed in Fall, Families

Colorado Family Photography | Thanksgiving week portraits at Denver City Park

hanksgiving is a wonderful time of year with quality time spent with your family taking a greater precedence in life. It's a very popular time of the year to get updated family photos too since it's often the only time the entire family is able to get together. I photograph lots of extended families both during the week of Thanksgiving and again during the December holiday season. Grandma and Grandpa were visiting this Denver family from Arizona and they took it upon themselves to organize a family portrait session. The family lives near City Park so we opted to go there to keep it easy on them. This made it so they could bring their huge, super strong dog named Franz, who they adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League. I'll give a quick shout out to that awesome organization, since that's where I adopted two of my furry feline buddies! These past few years have been quite warm here in Denver compared to the chilly temperatures and often snow-filled days that I remember from my childhood Thanksgiving feasts. I hate to complain about a lack of snow since it certainly makes it a little easier to photograph the extended families outdoors. A quick rainstorm passed through right before our session began which gave us some pretty incredible stormy skies for the photos. I love the way the yellow boathouse pavilion looks against the dark blue sky in these family photos. Check out the pictures below!
A Colorado family portrait created on a stormy afternoon during late fall the day after Thanksgiving with the yellow pavilion at City Park in the backdrop
Grandma and grandpa get a portrait taken with the stormy skies as a backdrop at their City Park Denver Colorado family photography session during Thanksgiving week.
A brother and his sister hug their cute mixed breed dog from the Denver Dumb Friends League at City Park in Denver during late fall
A cute photo of a couple laughing together on a stormy afternoon at Denver's City Park during late fall in Colorado
Catching the last bit of fall color with red leaves at Denver's City Park during late fall at an extended family photo session in Colorado
Sweet couple laugh together with pretty red leaf fall color backdrop at City Park in Denver Colorado
An extended family portrait with grandma and grandpa with the yellow boathouse pavilion backdrop at City Park in Denver Colorado
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November 18, 2017   •   Filed in Fall, Families

Colorado Family Photographer | Fall Color at Wallace Park in Denver Tech Center

photographed this sweet family at their fall wedding last year at a restaurant rooftop city wedding in the Highlands. Sadly, that restaurant has been replaced by another but they'll always have their wedding pictures to remember it. This year I got the chance to get back together with them and spend more time on family pictures than we were able to do during the packed schedule at the wedding. We met up in late October and looked around for a place that still had some good fall color. I have never photographed at George Wallace Park which is located in South Denver in the DTC area. It's not the first place that comes to mind for me as a photography location since it's in such a business park type of area, but I heard that the color there is pretty great so we decided to go check it out and see for ourselves. We did seem to be past the peak color season but luckily for us there was still plenty of pretty solid fall color left to take advantage of. Cass and Chris are parents to the spunkiest, cutest little blonde Cindy Lou Who look-alike in all of Denver named Palmer. (Perhaps that's a future Halloween costume idea? They'd barely have to do anything and mom and dad could be the Grinch and his dog Max.) Palmer is a 2 year old full of incredible amounts of energy and keep her mom and dad busy for sure. She wasn't too interested in having her photo taken on this day but we persevered and tried to come up with all kinds of schemes and games to make it more fun for her. I think we managed to get some pretty adorable photos of them together despite her disinterest in all things photography. Check out some of my favorites below.
A sweet family of 3 with a 2 year old blonde girl in pigtails get photos with the fall color at Wallace Park in DTC area of Denver Colorado during Autumn.
A sweet two year old walks with her mom and dad during autumn in the DTC area of Denver at Wallace Park in Denver Colorado
Mom and Dad get a photo together with gorgeous fall color plants at Wallace Park in the Denver Tech Center area of Colorado
Fun family portraits with fall color tree backdrop at DTC Denver Colorado Wallace Park
Blonde girl in pigtails rides on her daddy's shoulders with a pretty fall color backdrop at Wallace Park in DTC area of Denver Colorado during autumn.
Sweet Family Portrait with Fall Color Backdrop at Wallace Park in DTC Denver Colorado
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